8. Other resources

Access to a number of services is provided from https://in.xfel.eu, including the meta data catalog, and catering information.

8.1. UPEX portal

The User Portal to the European XFEL (UPEX) is the primary mechanism for communication with users, including submission of proposals, safety trainings and the provision of sample information ahead of experiments. In addition, a user’s UPEX credentials (login name and password) provide access to the XFEL data analysis and computing resources as well as the users’ experimental data.

It is accessible through the XFEL website: https://in.xfel.eu/upex

More information on how to use UPEX is available under:


We advise future users to get knowledge about the Scientific Data Policy of European XFEL: https://www.xfel.eu/users/policies/index_eng.html

8.2. Desired support for experiment

Requirements for control of hardware and data analysis are initially recorded as part of the proposal application process. For accepted and scheduled proposals, subsequent planning will take place both in collaboration with the scientific instruments group and in collaboration with the control and analysis group to jointly identify and implement the most effective way of satisfying the users’ requirements.

The first point of contact between the user group and the facility should always be the Local Contact (LC), a member of the scientific instrument group tasked with the coordination of an experiment from the facility side. An LC is assigned once a proposal is accepted and this information is provided to the users together with the letter of acceptance. The LC will direct questions and request from the users to the relevant groups at European XFEL. It is generally advisable to get in touch as soon as possible to advance the planning.

8.3. E-Log

Users can use the electronic notebook provided through https://in.xfel.eu/elog/. Some more details of are available at https://in.xfel.eu/elog/First+Help/