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This website contains documentation for users coming to the European XFEL for a beamtime.

A description of each section:

  • Overview - summarises key information about the operation of EuXFEL
  • Accounts and Access - information about your user account and what access is available at different stages during your proposal
  • Data Files - overview of the structure of proposal data folders, the data format, recommended ways to read data, information on example datasets, and more
  • Online Analysis - information about both the infrastructure of the Online Cluster, as well as how to perform/view real-time analysis during an experiment
  • Offline Analysis - information about the Offline Cluster (Maxwell), and how to use it to process data after acquisition
  • Jupyter Hub - how to use Jupyter as a service or how to run your own Juypter notebook instances, on both Online and Offline environments
  • Usecases - specific examples of software and toolboxes for instruments
  • Resources - additional resources and documentation
  • Software - overview of the software and software environments made available at EuXFEL by the Data Analysis Department
  • Citations - citations to use when writing papers after your experiment


The data analysis group at European XFEL can help you process and analyse your data during and after your experiment. Please email us at with any questions, or about corrections to the information on this site.